About Green Beans Bookkeeping Services

We know you have a ton of options when selecting your financial partners, so our promise is simple. Combining accounting services with business expertise and technical know-how, our bookkeepers will conquer your most complicated accounting tasks.

We develop solutions to bridge software applications that are personalized to your particular needs. Green Beans Bookkeeping will tailor a solution that functions seamlessly within the successful flow of your finances.

Our Los Angeles based Quickbooks® bookkeepers specialize in financial analysis, and we offer customized, on-site or remote services that fit almost any project, big or small.

Our specialization

Tax Service

We are a team of dedicated financial professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to meet your expectations. Green Beans Bookkeeping is a small business like the many local businesses we serve. We provide 20 years of experience in business including a variety of bookkeeping services, corporate accounting, and financial operations. Green Beans Bookkeeping is owned and operated in Los Angeles, California serving the greater Los Angeles area. Founded in 2007 after realizing a shortage of educated, dependable bookkeepers, Green Beans Bookkeeping is co-founded by entrepreneur, John “J” Short, educated at Miami University of Ohio and UCLA.

Meet the Owner

John "J" Short

John "J" Short

Owner & Co-Founder

"J" holds a number of professional certifications and is University of California Los Angeles alumni. Soon after a year in the accounting program at Miami University of Ohio, he relocated from southwestern Ohio to the second largest metropolis in the United States: Los Angeles. After discovering his passion for helping others navigate business finance and grow their wealth, he found purpose in business as an entrepreneur. Since co-founding Green Beans Bookkeeping, a financial services company, his current focus is set on drastically expanding the business and developing plans to create a brand of financial service providers and start-up ventures in a variety of other industries.